I truly am sorry for everything.
Guess we couldn’t make it work.
I’m sorry that u couldn’t meet up to your standards. At the end of the day I understood why you couldn’t talk all day, and when we got together again for that day I tried my best not to bother you so much. But honestly I don’t think you really wanted me back.
What can I say there’s nothing I can do now to change your decision.
You’re probably moving on or getting over it, and I’m just here I’m still waiting at the edge waiting for something to happen when it’s not going to happen. Not anymore. I’m not the girl you were looking for, and the girl you were trying to duplicate, was in your past.
You claim you can have her in 2 minutes go get her. If she makes you happy go for it be happy, because making you happy was something I never made you.
Sorry, I love you, Alberto.

At the end of the day, you were my first, my one and only.
It seems like you let go of everything we had maybe I should start doing the same because now, I’m the last thing on you mind, and you’re always the first thought when I wake up.

"It’s like you broke my fifth and sixth rib
Devotedly grabbed heart of mine,
And smashed it against the floor
But no
You just said ‘goodbye’."

Ribs will heal but heart no (via umrla-sam)

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Wish you were mine, wish i was yours.


when my parents complain about me image

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i wanna look like someone who can cut you but still bakes cookies in her spare time

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